Govt to develop SOPs at Pet Markets thanks to Chundrigar-ACF Animal Rescue


Founder and CEO of ACF Animal Rescue, Ayesha Chundrigar recently attended a meeting with the Deputy Commissioner South Karachi, Mr. Irshad Sodhar to discuss the development of SOPs that will apply to all pet markets to ensure the safety of all animals harbored.

The purpose of this initiative is to guide shopkeepers to properly understand the fundamentals of keeping animals in secure places so that they don’t suffer from dehydration and starvation. The meeting was also attended by several others including the Assistant Commissioner Saddar and Sindh Wildlife Authorities.

Recently, Government officials took notice of ACF’s work at Empress Market and aligned their intentions to develop SOPs for pet markets overall. Shopkeepers will now be encouraged to use humane methods and practices when harboring animals. This includes adequately spacious cages, an appropriate amount of food and water as well as fans and shade, especially in the summer months.

“SOPs are very basic like ducks must have large bowls of water at all times, not more than 2 animals in one spacious cage where they can turn around and lift their heads fully, and proper diet and shade on top of shops, etc.

They are very detailed and address every issue and every kind of animal and issue we have seen. We know this seems basic but if only this could happen, it’ll make the biggest difference in the world and will save thousands of lives,” stated Ayesha Chundrigar in regards to the conditions which will now follow.

ACF Animal Rescue has been regularly visiting pet markets such as Empress Market in Karachi to help all animals who had suffered horrible living conditions. After a full year of ACF’s intervention, the government officials and those in charge finally took the right steps towards a better future for animals in Pakistan.

“From no one even blinking an eye at Empress Market a year ago and everyone telling us it’s a doomed cause, yesterday, the AC Saddar, Mr. Abdul Hannan, and his team, Mr. Naeem from Sindh Wildlife and his team, and those running Empress including a fleet of police all came to assess the situation, and plan how to proceed.” posted the ACF team.

The efforts of Government officials will set a precedent for all pet markets across the city. ACF Animal Rescue commends this initiative made by the government and hopes for more cooperation with them in the future, hence making sure that animals are safe.


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