COVID-19 victim Naveed Raza urges actors, support staff to be safe


COVID-19 victim actor Naveed Raza urged his fellow actors, directors, producers, and support staff to take care of themselves as shooting resumes.

Raza took to social media to reveal symptoms he suffered through after which he got his Test done for COVID-19 and the test turned out ‘positive’.

“I suffered mild symptoms,” he said. “But I want everyone to know exactly what happened to me from the very first day. It may help people out there, especially my fellow actors and other people working in the entertainment industry as I have heard shooting has resumed, to remain quick towards tracking this deadly virus,” he added.

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“Initially on Day 1, I suffered dehydration, Body cramps, and headache. Later on, I suffered high fever and weakness which forced me to get my Test done following the current hype of the virus. Unfortunately, the Test came out positive,” he disclosed.

Talking about the latest update on his health, Raza said: “I am recovering quickly and feeling quite better now.”

It must be noted here that reportedly Raza along with fellow actors Yasir Nawaz, Noaman Sami, and Alizey Shah picked up widely-spread coronavirus during the shoot of their ongoing drama serial ‘Mera Dil Mera Dushman’.


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