Online shopping is no more a new thing in Pakistan but because of some very bad experiences, especially in buying clothing products, not many trust online sellers. The photo-shopped images look cool on your screens but turn opposite when they reach home. But, a relatively new men’s clothing brand, Brumano is doing everything to restore faith in online shopping.

Last month, I came to know about this brand on Facebook. Once again, images looked super cool. Product descriptions were appealing too but the first thing which came in my mind was possibility of another disappointment and I decided not to risk, again.

A couple of days later, I had to gift something to my brother but because of some commitments, I had no time to go to the malls for shopping, therefore, I decided to take another risk and went back to Brumano website and ordered a white shirt for him. The result this time was against my expectations but, it was fortunate. I received the stuff which was claimed on the website. The experience worked to restore my faith to some extent and I happily decided to risk again and ordered two products for myself. Once again, the result was amazing. And now, I am confidently referring it to my friends and family.

New range of printed shirts now on stock! Very limited stock. Order yours today at

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The brand is currently selling shirts, jackets, sweaters, trousers, and belts. The only thing I would like to recommend them is to add more products in their list. I hope they will come up with Polo, t-shirts, shoes and other accessories for men. Furthermore, I expect more brands to come forward with good stuff and help restore the faith of online buyers and deliver what they shoe on the website!

My overall satisfaction level is 8.5/10.


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