‘I did not see plaintiff harassing me, I felt it’ shares Meesha Shafi


Meesha Shafi appeared in her second cross-examination session in defamation suit filed against her for accusing Ali Zafar of harassment.

While responding to Zafar’s lawyer in the court, Meesha shared that she is not the eye witness of harassment incident that allegedly took place in a jamming session in 2018.

“Yes, even I myself am not an eye witness to this incident. I felt it [but] I did not see it,” Meesha was quoted replying to Ali’s counsel when she was asked whether it is correct that there were no eyewitnesses to the incident.

In another query, Ali’s lawyer asked as per Express Tribune; “Did you look behind to see if it was the plaintiff’s hand?”

“There was no other hand near me and it certainly was not my hand,” she said while adding to another query, “The drummer was quite far away at least ‘4-5 feet away'”

It must be noted here that all nine eye witnesses from the claimed ‘Jam Session’ had refuted harassment allegations against the male singer.

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