Ushna Shah is known for being outspoken and blunt, and while many fans love this personality trait, others seem to find it irksome. The actress recently took to Twitter to describe an incident with a pizza delivery guy, where she had to resort to self-proclaimed ‘sexist’ remarks to convince him to inside and she held her dog back.

Her tweet consisted of statements like ‘be a man’, ‘you are not a four-year-old girl’ and similar remarks, all of which were passed on to that man in order to encourage him to stop being scared and deliver the pizza. Check it out.

Many people called her out for this behaviour, and demanded an apology for demeaning a worker who was just doing his job.

Soon after, Shah took to Twitter again to shed some more light on the incident, referring to people as ‘everybody crying about my rant’. “I was holding the dog. He refused to come in,” she said, adding how she made multiple efforts to assure the man that her dog won’t bite.

“None of that encouragement worked. But as soon as his masculinity was challenged my pizza was inside. Says more about society then it does me,” she added.

Subsequently, many people felt Shah’s behaviour was highly problematic and came from a privileged point of view, as the man could have had a legitimate phobia.

Some pointed out how this particular dog breed can be dangerous, and it is natural for people to be scared of it.

While some even questioned Shah’s purpose of narrating this story in the first place.

Others brought up how this isn’t the first time Shah has been rude to people.

Let’s just say people won’t be sweeping this incident under the rug anytime soon.


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