‘My statement on early marriage was for both men, women’ clarifies Zarnish


Zarnish Khan said that her statement regarding early marriage was taken out of context as it didn’t target specific gender.

The actor took to Instagram and clarified the buzz created on her statement regarding early marriage in an interview with The Current.

“So, very recently I made a statement in which I said I believe early marriages are good because it’s easy for you to adjust. All the feminists are after me, people have a lot of things to say about it,” she shared.

“But, my statement wasn’t restricted to specific gender. It was for both men and women as I believe it’s good to get married in an early age because it becomes easier for you to settle in — which is true,” Zarnish gave clarification in a video posted on her Instagram account.

Zarnish went onto further explain her point of view on early marriages. “Marriage is all about compromises. For that you need acceptability and patience that fades away with time. In that regard, I think if it happens early, it’s not ridiculous,” she concluded.

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