Are you excited about Ehd-e-Wafa just as much as we are? Then we’d love to remind you how we’re just moments away from watching its first episode. The show has given us a lot to look forward to with its teasers, and now, acclaimed composer Azaan Sami Khan has just added to the reasons why it is a must-watch this season.

Yep, after giving us memorable compositions in Parey Hut Love and Superstar, Khan wants to give OST a try and knowing his style and expertise, we’d love to see what he has in store for us with Ehd-e-Wafa. In one of his recent Instagram stories, the musician shared some behind-the-scenes footage of making the OST for the show.

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Interestingly, his story also included drummer Alfred Dmello and guitarist Kashan Admani’s tag in it, so the collaboration already looks riveting. Khan was careful not to reveal much about the music or the final track, leaving everything to the imagination of the fans that itching to watch Ehd-e-Wafa.

Having said that, we’re glad we won’t have to wait much. We’re hoping it goes with the storyline of the life of four college friends and their patriotism.


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