It is hard to come across a person who religiously follows the local entertainment industry and isn’t familiar with the works of Faisal Rehman. Gracing our screens since the 80s, the versatile actor has worked in over 30 films and various TV serials, and has also delved into writing and directing. And does he plan on taking a break? Absolutely not.

Currently starring in Aatish alongside Hina Altaf, Rehman is all smiles as he sits for a chat with And after seeing his super-fun posts with Altaf on Instagram, we had to find out what really goes on behind the scenes. “Hina and I have become great friends actually,” he said. “We started off badly, as she has a lot of anger. But we’ve been great friends since Gumrah (2017) and we’re still friends, and I still want to keep working with her,” he added.

Both the actors have been doing a splendid job in terms of acting in Aatish, but Rehman wishes there was more screen time together. “We’ve had a great time together. I would’ve liked to do much more on the screen with her, but the role and the storyline did not allow that,” he said, deeming it a great experience nevertheless.

Having said that, it is natural for actors of such a stature to be criticized in the industry for working with younger, new actresses. But has Rehman ever faced such disapproval? Apparently, it’s quite the opposite. “I have never gotten criticism in the sense that why he is doing younger roles, or why he wants to look younger. I think it is the way I look, the way I carry myself, that makes me fit for such roles,” he explained.

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“Funny thing is, a couple of years back I did two serials where I was a father of a grown-up daughter and I did not get a good response. I think I don’t look like an old father, and it was very difficult for women to digest it,” he added. “I am not, by any stretch of the imagination, trying to say that I am younger or want to be young, not at all. But the only time I faced criticism was when I did a typical father’s role. And when I did a dirty old man role, people enjoyed it,” he said.

Gumrah being the story of a father who falls for his daughter’s best friend, is something Rehman feels is apt for him, as he named this role when asked what character he identifies with the most. “I think Gumrah, because I think I am a dirty old man. It comes through my face. It isn’t a bad thing at all, it is a great thing. I mean, the world is getting smaller, and people want to have fun,” he stated, with a glint in his eye.

On the whole, Rehman is a pleasure to watch on screen, and to chat with in person. And we’re assured his co-stars feel the same way about him. Whereas on the work front, he has a lot for his fans to look out for. Keep an eye on this space for exclusive updates!


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