Job Fairs form an important part of one’s university life. Students eagerly look forward to Job Fairs in their last semester because these fairs present an opportunity to meet prospective employers and develop contacts.
To boost employment opportunities for its graduates, Iqra University organized a massive Job Fair on February 6, 2019.  It was one of the biggest recruitment events ever organized by any institution.
The Job Fair 2019 served as an interactive platform for the recruiters to hire some of the most talented minds in the country.  More than 300 renowned, local and international companies like PSO, PTCL, KPMG, EFU, McDonalds, DHL, Dunkin Donuts and popular industrial groups from across Pakistan like Lucky group, AlKaram, Al Rahim Textile Industries participated in the Job Fair.

One could see students were giving interviews while the recruiters were engaging in giving constructive feedback.

Approximately 1200 to 2000 graduates attended the Job Fair 2019. The recruiting companies which were present in the Job Fair had more than 2000 vacancies available. This meant that each candidate present there had a good chance of landing a job through Iqra University’s Job Fair 2019.

All the students had to do was to meet employers, engage in productive interviews and secure their dream jobs.

Besides this, a Start-up Expo 2019 was also organized on the same day. During the Expo, Iqra University inaugurated a state-of-the-art Business Incubation Centre. The Incubation Centre aims to provide multiple facilities like mentorship, seed funds, venture capital and linkages with the corporate industry.

It is important to note that Iqra University has set aside a venture capital of Rs 20 million for the start-ups proposed by Iqra students. This step has been taken to motivate the students to come up with entrepreneurial ideas and then help them establish their own start-ups. This will in turn create more jobs for young people.

So far, 60 start-ups have been established by Iqra students. These businesses are running successfully. Some of them were displayed during in Expo 2019.

With so many opportunities and platforms, Iqra’s graduates are sure make their mark.  There’s no doubt that they will become a valuable part of Pakistan’s workforce and contribute positively.

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