Following the continuous political and religious turmoil in Pakistan, ad and film director Jamshed Mahmood Raza aka Jami has decided to shift his family abroad. “My kids will not see this mess,” he tweeted.

Pakistan have been under political and religious turmoil for last few years but people, like Jami, always have some good expectations from government, Army and recently, Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf chairman and former cricket great Mr. Imran Khan. But, it seems like Jami has also given up. “Left US for Pak gave 20 years for cinema when there was none. Waited and now NO more!! Army GOvt IK they all in it – to burn us all down,” he wrote.

In a reply to Jami’s tweet, RJ Minhaj Ali Askari requested the director not to be hopeless and told how people looked up to him as an inspiration. “Dont be hopeless Jami. We look up to you as an inspiration. Who said its easy to find happiness, we all need to work for it. I hope you and your family members are safe,” replied Askari.

The hopeless Jami returned even harder this time and told it was idiotic to be too hopeful. “Mullah will burn it down and they all want to see lot of fire. Enuf man” he replied. “This is so dark and we thought zia was dark. He lives in middle class thats the real issue,” he added.

Jami left US some 20 years ago and came to Pakistan to pursue his passion for cinema. He made a number of documentaries and films. His film Moor was Pakistan’s official submission in Best Foreign Language Film category nominations for Oscars. He won a number of international film festival awards for Moor.

Talking to today, Jami clarified that he won’t be leaving Pakistan but only decided to shift his family.



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