‘Humari film industry ko nazar lag gaye’ thinks Fahad Mustafa


Actor-cum-host Fahad Mustafa thinks that Pakistani film industry was growing too fast until 2019, after that things started falling down.

Speaking with veteran actor Nauman Ijaz on his Tv talk show G Sarkar, Fahad said COVID-19 in 2020 and later on political crisis in the country badly hit the film industry.

“I think we were growing rapidly until 2019. Things eventually start going bad. I think nazar lag gayee. Covid happened and the political situation has hit us really badly, with Indian films being taken back,” the actor said.

“If I ask you to name five films, you won’t remember them. If I ask you for [film] songs, even the singers sitting here with us will not remember. That means we haven’t delivered anything substantial, and accepting that is good so that we can move forward,” he lamented.

Fahad also believes that Tv industry has more audience than local films. “Believe it or not, the TV industry has a very deep bond with the audience. The film industry does not,” he stated.

The famous Jeeto Pakistan’s host suggested filmmakers to make 70-80 films in a year. “We need to make 70 to 80 films a year. 10 to 15 of those should be the sort that we can own. From the rest, one filmmaker will be filtered out each year who’ll strive to do better next time,” he concluded.


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