‘I think Coronavirus is man-made’ Amir Khan


British-born-Pakistani boxer Amir Khan thinks that widely-spread coronavirus is a ‘man-made’ virus and it hasn’t come from China.

“I don’t think it’s coming from China. That’s a lie, really. People are saying that they were eating bats and snakes and the poison mixed. What [expletive] is that? Do you believe that? I don’t!” Khan said in a video posted on Instagram.

Khan further claimed that the coronavirus is being spread in the United Kingdom for some certain reasons. He also doubts that the government is creating hype of the virus on purpose to control the growing population.

“It’s a man-made thing. It’s been put there for a reason while they test 5G. It might be for population control. Get rid of a lot of us, especially when they say that it harms old people. Look at these towers at night-time that have been put up, then telling people not to go out,” he added.

It must be noted here that the death toll due to coronavirus has raised over 70,000. The widely-spread virus forced several countries to completely lock down their cities and normal life has come to a standstill. Public gatherings/events are strictly prohibited in major parts of the world.

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