Amid the recent thawing of Pak-Indian relations and initiatives like Shaan-E-Pakistan forging successful cross-border cinematic  collaborations one has witnessed a bevy of scintillating India-Pakistan couplings. With his upcoming foray into Bollywood by ae Dil-e-Mushkil Pakistani TV/film actor and heartthrob Imran Abbas may surprise us once again with a triple treat.

Imran was recently spotted in Dubai  shooting with stunning Indian actress Nargis Fakhri, who herself recently made inroads into the Pakistani public consciousness as a spokesperson for Pakistan’s latest cellular TV commercial  as well as public declaring her desire to visit Pakistan.
Is the scorching hot screen couple working together in a Pakistani or Indian film? Or could they be endorsing some high profile product in an exciting TV commercial?

One just has to wait and see what thrilling venture the duo has in store for us!


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