‘Our industry is surviving on last breath’ Adnan Siddiqui


Adnan Siddiqui said that the government should make a clear policy to revive the entertainment industry in Pakistan.

While talking to Independent Urdu, Adnan said the Pakistani entertainment industry is surviving on its last breath.

“Our industry is surviving on last breath. There is a need to revive it and the government should take a step for it,” he said.

“Cinemas are continuously closed for over the year now. There is no ray of hope for us. I want the government to give some relaxation in this tough time. Like they exempted cinema owners from taxes, they should do the same with producers,” he added.

Talking about his upcoming film ‘Dam Mastam‘ release, Adnan said they are afraid of the loss. “The film is ready but the release has been delayed due to COVID-19. For instance, if cinemas open for a while and we release our film, what’s the guarantee that they will remain open. If they get closed again, we will suffer a huge loss,” he highlighted.

“Government should now take ownership of this matter and make a clarification in this regard,” he concluded.

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