A girl name Sundas, who has created a false image of a perfect life to the world, was dumbstruck when Haider, her love interest, told her that his mother wanted to meet her parents. What could she say now about all the lies she has told about her family?  She had always scared that one day all her lies about herself would stand in front of her. What can she do if life had been unfair to her? To the world, she had everything in life, a successful mother and a loving father, a sophisticated and well kept lifestyle, but in reality, these things never existed, her life was full of miseries and pain.

This is the troubled story of a young girl, featured in the Geo TV’s upcoming drama serial, Izn-e-Rukhsat, starting from 11th July, Monday at 8:00 pm. Directed by Ahmed Kamran and written by Maha Malik, this serial signifies the story of a girl whose father married another woman and left her mother when she was very young.

Faisal Rehman Faiza Hasan Izn-e-Rukhsat

Her childhood was mercilessly deprived off a father’s love and care, which ultimately made her stubborn. Now being a young woman, to avoid pressure and speculations, she created a camouflage of a happy life full of parental affection and love. But as Haider’s mother wished to meet her parents, her life is falling apart, she can’t lose Haider, and neither could she tell him the truth. Although her parents decided to get in touch temporary until their daughter is happily married but will her father’s second wife and son tolerate this? She has to face the new challenges and have to fight for the rights and love she deserved long ago. But would this fight sustain the peace in her life? Will she win over her father’s love in the presence of a stepmother and a brother? Will her father accept her and give her the love and care she yearns for?

Under the creative banner of 7TH sky entertainment and production by Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi, who are known for their excessively successful projects and the star cast Faisal Rehman, Sabreen Hesbani, Faiza Hasan, Sonia Mishal, Tipu Sharif, Shehzad sheikh, Humaira bano, Azra Mohiuddin and Faiza Gillani, a lot many questions have to be asked and answered on every Monday at 8:00pm.


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