Pride of Performance recipient and multiple award winning actor Noman Ijaz renowned for his role in A-plus’ ‘Bhai’ (2016) and ‘Mera Saaien (2010-11) reprises an avatar familiar to him: an influential and powerful man; this time a spiritual peer sahib in A-Plus’ upcoming drama serial Dumpukht.

The play posits Ijaz opposite relative newcomer and model-turned-actress Sonia Mishal who was last seen in Ishqa Waay.

Produced by Mishaal entertainment and award-winning Kashif Nisar renowned for writing Kami Reh Gaee and directing Sangat (2015) and Dooriyan (2015), Dumpukht is an upbeat and mesmerising story about a young girl enchanted by the allure of a charismatic spiritual peer sahib played by Ijaz and the ensuing conflicts this creates in both of their psyches and lives.

The writer and director of the sure-to-be exhilarating and thoughtful upcoming serial is drama writer lyricist, and short story writer Zafar Mairaj. He has garnered television awards for drama serials such as Lyari Express (2007) and Ashk (2012).

Dumpukht will on-air from July 13, 2016 on every wednesday on A-Plus.


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