In a landscape often dominated by conventional narratives, a refreshing and relevant trailer has emerged, introducing a series that promises to challenge the norms and spotlight pressing issues. Razia, led by the renowned Mahira Khan in the titular role, seems poised to usher in an era of empowerment and women’s rights, steering away from the prevalent portrayals of female oppression that often saturate the local screen.

The newly released trailer for Razia offers glimpses into what the series might encapsulate, hinting at a narrative that delves into the intricacies of women’s lived experiences in the country. From addressing the uncomfortable realities of harassment, child marriage, and honor killings, to domestic violence, Razia appears to be a bold attempt to kickstart a wave of feminist discourse.

The trailer presents Mahira Khan as a radical figure, delivering a powerful monologue that invites the audience into her world of questioning. The trailer also hints at brave discussions, reaffirming how the plot will go beyond showcasing damsels in distress, with a quirky tongue-in-cheek kind of comedic takes that do not seem insensitive to the material. As audiences eagerly await the series, they hope that such sensitive matters will be handled with the necessary nuance and respect they deserve, coupled with some brilliant performances.

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Directed and written by Mohsin Ali and produced by Hina Aman, Razia is set to feature a cast of popular names including Momal Shaikh, Mohib Mirza, Shahzad Mallick, and Parveen Akhbar.

Watch the clip below.


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