Apart from doing all the success in acting and hosting a morning show for almost a decade, Juggun Kazim has gone into entrepreneurship and it is just making us go wow!

At first, she opened up her Restaurant called Shiitake; it’s a Chinese Cuisine in Phase 6, Defence Lahore. It’s open for dine-in, take away, delivery and is a must try. Now recently, in Ramadan, she has opened up her Salon by the name of Magnifique Salon & Spa. Juggun’s makeup looks has always admired us, especially the daily basis ones, we love how light & attractive they are.  We are pretty sure the services being provided at her newly opened up Salon are pretty good as well.

We have been fond of seeing the healthy diet and weight loss tips on Juggun’s YouTube Channel more often, they have been effective & very helpful. Knowing how perfectly fit Juggun Kazim has kept herself throughout these years, it’s all understandable how she must have come up with an idea to open up her own Fitness Studio by the name of Fit Culture. The location of both her Salon, Spa & Fitness Studio is also Phase 6, Defence Lahore.

After working for 8 years tenure at PTV, she has resigned from there and has joined Channel 24 for her morning show called Juggun at 9 with the understanding that she will take on acting projects and will record episodes every now and then. So, yes this is the year for her acting return! We’re very excited about it.

She is an all in one lady. Hat’s off to how she has been managing all of it, along with perfect & happy family life. It’s impressive to see, how women have been taking up the world since the last few decades. Every field that you see, women have been a part of it.

The work is on the other side, but if you meet Juggun Kazim as a person, you would know how humble and kind she is, she’s full of knowledge, you could talk to her about any topic and she would have a long detailed conversation with you about it.

We wish Juggun Kazim all the very best with her future endeavors, keep making us love you & the work you do!


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