It’s refreshing to see Pakistani writers straying away from the usual entertainment niches like item songs and unnecessary comedy, to shedding some well-deserved light on taboo topics. And this is exactly what Muneeb Butt and Ramsha Khan are trying to convey through their gripping TV serial, titled Kaisa Hai Naseeban. Currently on air, the show investigates all that goes on behind the curtains in an abusive marriage, and so much more that people are not ready to talk about.

In an exclusive chat with, Butt gave an inside look on his complex character, which viewers are bound to hate in no time. “My character, Ahmad, is all kinds of loud and rude. He is suffering from Bipolar Disorder, and experiences extreme mood swings,” he explained. “He thinks of wife as his property. He is violent, oppressive, and abusive towards her, and believes that he has the liberty to do whatever he pleases to do with her, because he is her husband,” he added.

Rigid characters like these are amply found in society, but with Butt probing into a mental disorder with his rendition of an uncouth man, it certainly gives it a realistic and interesting approach. “I’ve done this character so that I can groom myself as an actor. Kind of like an experiment, straying away from romantic characters,” he stated. And indubitably, it would be a stimulating experience to see how he portrays such a character when he always has a sweet boy charm going on for him.

Butt also talked about how challenging the role was for him, but that he has given it his all, while trying to maintain what the character needed to get the point across. “It was a little bit challenging. I decided not to make this already loud character any louder, because that would make it seem noisy,” he said. “I’ve tried to keep it balanced, and subtle wherever required,” he further added. And so far, he has been doing a phenomenal job of portraying a despicable husband no woman should have.

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With Butt doing such a remarkable job at portraying a negative character, we couldn’t help but wonder what his wife, Aiman Khan, feels about such a transition. “Aiman’s vision is not that of a normal viewer, she herself is an actor. So, she looks at it as an artist,” he revealed. “Looking at this project, she critically judged everything. She complimented Ramsha a lot. Praised the production too,” he added.

And her praises are well directed, as it is not just Butt who is going all in. Khan, with her character Maryam, has been doing a splendid job at making the viewers feel sympathetic for her at all times. “Maryam is very innocent, responsible, obedient daughter and sister, and hasn’t gotten enough exposure in life,” she said. “The story is about her journey, and how she tackles all the problems and hardships in life. She tries hard to tackle the issues, which end up making her stronger by the end,” she further added.


  1. My mom has gone through the same exact story with her marriage, she felt like to cry when she saw this show because it remained her alot of her life


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