Bollywood veteran and Fawad Khan’s Kapoor and Sons’ co-star Rishi Kapoor has come forward and criticized Indian Motion Picture Producers’ Associations (IMPPA) decision to ban Pakistani talent working in India. “Films are not planned in one or three days. It takes time. You can’t say that you’re going to ban a picture,” he said.

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“You’ve been working for the last six months. These are unfair rulings and bullying tactics. You must give a cut-off period. It gives us time to finish our films and henceforth we will not take them,” said Kapoor in an interview published on Express Tribune.

The veteran actor did not even leave his Prime Minister Naredra Modi and questioned why he visited Pakistan at first place when he knew skirmishes would happen. “Why does Modi have to go to Pakistan and shake hands when you know skirmishes will happen,” he asked.

“Sometimes some skirmish happens in the border and your whole thinking goes wrong. Sometimes you shake hands and say go ahead. You’re confusing your country, people,” he added.

Just recently, Pakistani actor Fawad Khan and Mahira Khan became victims of IMPPA decision and could not promote their recent releases.



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