When reports revealed about Hamza Ali Abbasi and Fawad Khan doing Bilal Lashari’s next titled Maula Jutt 2, nothing was confirmed about who will be playing female lead in the film. But now, Mahira Khan has confessed that she is doing the character of Mukhoo Jatti in the film.

In a latest update published on The News, Mahira Khan has confirmed that she is doing Bilal Lashari’s Maula Jutt 2. “I am doing Maula Jutt,” she assured. “I am totally onboard. It’s also totally out of my comfort zone so it’s a good challenge,” she added while briefing about her role.

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Mahira Khan has earlier worked with Fawad Khan on a couple of projects but never appeared on TV or film with Hamza Ali Abbasi, with whom she shares a good friendship as well. This will be her first time with Abbasi and playing a Punjabi character, for which, she is also taking some classes. “I’m stressed out about the language and the body language,” said Khan.

The other female lead in the film is Humaima Malik, who is doing the role of Daroo Natti. Fawad Khan is playing the protagonist as Maula Jatt while Hamza Ali Abbasi the villain as Noori Nath.

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In an earlier report, the film director Bilal Lashari denied that he was not making the sequel of Maula Jutt. “With all the confusion and false stories coming up I’d like to make some clarifications. It is NOT Maula Jatt ‘2’. It is NOT a ‘Sequel’. It is NOT a ‘Remake’,” Lashari posted on his official Facebook page.


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