Safe to say, the nation is all geared up for today’s Pakistan v Sri Lanka ODI. And while it is a great feat for the country as it marks the return of international cricket to Pakistan, it is also being supported by the opposing team’s captain, Lahiru Thirimanne.

In a recent press conference, Thirimanne lauded the strict security measures that have been taken for team Sri Lanka and going as far as to term them ‘first-class’. “This is my first time in Pakistan so I heard from the players who visited here previously on T20 matches two years back,” he started off.

“The security was really great and I heard about it but I didn’t see anything, but the last couple of days when I see the security we’ve been given here, it’s first class, it’s about getting cricket here in Pakistan again so we have to encourage  the entire team to come here and play cricket,” he added.

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The captain also commended the Pakistan Cricket Board and urged everyone to support Pakistan in the revival of international cricket. “It’s a very special occasion for Pakistan, and Pakistan Cricket Board as they have been really great organizing this tournament here in Pakistan. We have to give all the support to Pakistan to establish cricket here in Pakistan,” he said.

The player was also hopeful for other teams coming here, and urged them to come and experience the finest security measures themselves. “You have to first come here and experience that and it’s a good opportunity. When we play the a long tournament, after our coming here maybe a lot of teams will come, [hopefully] a lot of teams will follow us and support Pakistan,” he said.


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