Stephen Constantine, head coach of the Pakistan Football Team, has emphasized the need for a local football league to boost the country’s football standards. He believes that without a consistent league, it’s challenging to nurture new talent and enhance the overall quality of the sport.

As the team gears up for the upcoming World Cup Qualifier matches against Jordan, they’ve been diligently training in a camp. Under Constantine’s guidance, players have been undergoing intense practice sessions, with the recent camp concluding in Lahore.

During a media interaction at the camp, Constantine highlighted the absence of a regular football league in Pakistan as a significant obstacle to progress. Despite having thousands of registered football clubs, the lack of a structured league system hampers talent development.

Constantine acknowledged the team’s underwhelming performance in the World Cup qualifiers and stressed the importance of focusing on winning regional tournaments. Despite the challenges, he praised the players for their dedication and revealed that several players currently playing abroad will soon join the national team.

As the head coach continues to prepare the team for upcoming matches, establishing a robust football league in Pakistan remains a top priority for improving the sport’s standards and nurturing local talent.


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