‘My social media accounts are managed by Indian fan Sunika’ discloses Asma Abbas


Veteran actor Asma Abbas disclosed that one of her Indian fan named Sunika Bhardwaj manages her social media accounts.

In a chit chat with a local publication, Asma shared she never met her social media manager Sunika but the latter impressed her a lot online.

“ I love talking to people so much that it upsets me when I realise I won’t see them again. Sunika contacted me in DMs 2 to 3 times and just stayed. She didn’t want to stop talking. She’s such a pure soul, she’d ask me to send her videos of some songs or short clips from BTS of plays and I ended up sending them after a while. She would edit, add music, make it better and ask me to upload it. I didn’t know how to do all of that, she shared.

“She manages my social media, even created my YouTube channel. I recently got a silver badge, didn’t even know its significance and so we all laughed about it. Sunika and I speak in Punjabi and she gets me like no one else. If my mood is off, she’ll know by the tone of my voice. I wish I could get a glimpse of her once in this life at least,” she added.

Asma is one of the finest actors Pakistan has produced. She is the sister of renowned actor Bushra Ansari and her daughter Zara Noor Abbas is also an actor, having done popular roles.


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