Judging by Urwa Hocane’s recent interviews, it is apparent that the actress is quite vocal about what doesn’t sit right with her these days. In a recent chat with The Express Tribune, the actress shared her frustration over the content that’s being perpetuated nowadays and how dissatisfied she is with the scripts being offered to her.

“I am going to be very honest, acting is something which I enjoy, but I am not satisfied with the content. Now the circumstances have led to scripts that are slightly better out of many, a team preference, or whatever is saving a drowning project. I don’t know what the writers are writing or what the content teams are making them write. It breaks my heart,” she shared.

And speaking of candid opinions, Urwa also talked about the flak she gets fir voicing her opinions, which she feels is heightened because she’s one of the successful women at the forefront of the industry.

“Firstly, many people have deeply rooted beliefs when it comes to gender discrimination, that a woman shouldn’t have an opinion and shouldn’t communicate much. They come up with a notion that is creating a toxic work environment, and we need to strongly condemn these mindsets. Women need to break out of the box that the patriarchy has put them into,” she said.

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She also added how she fully expects her opinions to be heard and respected, and will not bow down in the face of criticism. “I am here to co-exist. I have my thought process, opinions, and creative ideas that shall be heard for a discussion on the table. I have grown into a person who is not looking for validation. I do bounce back, which is something I practice, and it’s also inbuilt, for which I am very grateful. I am not afraid of failures, as they are rather lessons,” she added.

Despite being disappointed in the current state of content, Urwa is making sure the content she puts out is a class apart. The actress who has branched into production kickstarted the process of her first production back in 2019 with the upcoming romantic comedy film called Tich Button. The film stars Iman Ali, Farhan Saeed, Sonya Hussyn, and Feroze Khan, is slated to be released towards the end of this year.


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