In a recent conversation with Times of Karachi, U.S. Consulate General Donald Blome discussed the burgeoning excitement surrounding cricket in the USA, particularly in light of the upcoming T20 World Cup. Blome highlighted the enthusiasm of Asian fans, noting their eagerness to attend live matches in the USA due to the accessibility and opportunity to enjoy the games firsthand.

Blome emphasized the historical roots of cricket in the USA, acknowledging that while the sport has a long history in the country, this period represents a “rebirth” of cricket. He expressed his excitement about the vibrant atmosphere, noting that he too is eager to witness the energy and passion of cricket fans.

Reflecting on his personal experience with the sport, Blome shared that one does not need to be a cricket expert to enjoy the matches. The inclusive nature of the sport allows everyone, regardless of their level of knowledge, to partake in the excitement and enjoyment of cricket.

As cricket continues to grow in popularity in the USA, Blome’s insights offer a glimpse into the promising future of the sport in a country where it is steadily gaining a dedicated following.


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