So the story of Balaa is pacing forward and a lot has happened so far over past episodes. It’s pretty obvious that Nigar is winning in her game of drifting Taimoor’s family away.

The latest episodes reveal that Shama went to Nigar’s home to get her back home but Nigar refused to come back and asked Shama that she would only come back when Taimoor would come to take her.

Shama gets disappointed by Nigar’s reply and goes back home. She had to beg in front of Taimoor to convince him to go to Nigar’s home. Taimoor kept his ego aside to take Nigar back.

Things are not normal between Nigar and her father as she is making her father accountable for supporting her brother. She now doesn’t want Batool to get married to his brother as this might ruin her own home. Though she got to know about Batool’s interest in the doctor, she asked Batool to trust her and that she will support her to marry the doctor. Batool gets trapped in Nigar’s sugar coated promises and develops a soft corner for Nigar in her heart.

Shama on the other hand is not behaving like her own self and is too simple and forgiving, she ignored all the evilness of Nigar that has drifted Taimoor apart from her. Slowly & gradually, Taimoor reacts on things that he wouldn’t have before in his marriage that is only because Nigar makes sure that nothing goes unnoticed in front of Taimoor.

Nigar has stood up against her own father and refused to sign the papers. Zafar slapped her once and asked her to obey like a daughter or else it might lead to shatter her relationship with Taimoor. Zafar also warned him to get Batool ready for Junaid’s proposal. Nigar had to sign the papers and now thinking about how she will convince Taimoor and his family for Junaid’s proposal.

Nigar won Taimor’s and his family heart when the good news of Nigar’s pregnancy surfaces. She is ruling at Taimoor’sheart and at home too, and turned everything in her favor. She made issues of every single petty issue and portray things negatively in front of Taimoor. She has taken charge of home financially and emotionally, so much so that Taimoor’s mother and sisters can’t even use the kitchen without her permission.

So, the story is getting more twisted as it goes, with Nigar planning and doing things to part Taimoor’s family and no one is able to judge her real intentions. Let’s see when Taimoor will be able to figure out Nigar’s real face.

Balaa is a unique tale of insecurity, jealousy and revenge, a block buster drama serial of Big Bang Entertainment, directed by Badar Mahmood, penned by Zanjabeel Asim Shah, goes on year every Monday at 8:00 PM on ARY Digital.

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By Hina Ghaffar


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