In an interview with The Talk Talk Show with Hassan Chaudhry, Mehwish Hayat recently made an announcement regarding her newly established film production company, Pink Llama Films. While promoting her upcoming film Teri Meri Kahaniyan, she passionately spoke about her motivation behind starting the company, highlighting the need to combat the misrepresentation of Muslims and Pakistanis in the entertainment industry. In addition to producing, she also shared her plans to continue showcasing her acting prowess within the projects undertaken by Pink Llama Films.

“You’ve always seen me speak about misrepresentation a lot especially regarding Muslims and Pakistanis. We’re always portrayed in a certain stereotypical manner. And I decided that I would have to take the initiative myself because we can’t just sit and complain about it. We will have to do something about this and get our hands dirty. So the reason for opening up that film company was that,” she said.

She also went on to proudly mention how she will be working with accomplished individuals who have been honoured with prestigious awards like BAFTA and Emmys. By partnering with industry veterans, the actress shared how she aims to leverage their expertise to bring forth diverse stories that resonate with both international and domestic audiences.

“I’m working with some amazing, successful people who have won BAFTA awards, Emmy awards and whatnot. This is a very good step which I think is very important and this will really help us build a narrative,” she said.

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The actress also revealed that she has assembled an impressive slate of projects under Pink Llama Films, encompassing both films and web series, with an aim to push the power of storytelling in capturing the attention of diverse viewership. And while Hayat has taken on the role of a producer, she expressed her commitment to continue her acting career as well.

Watch the full interview below.


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