Having a bad day? All you need is a garam chai ki piyaali! We need to understand that there’s nothing wrong in having a bad day. There’s nothing wrong if sadness is boiling up. There’s nothing inappropriate with feeling dull. Sadness in an indication that you behold emotions. It’s a clue that you’ve tried. And above all, it advocates that You’re Alive! Here’s a list of things to do in case you’re having a bad day today!

  1. Couch yourself with a garam chai ki piyaali: Chai never hurts. Chai understands. It’s amazing what a tablespoon patti, zra si cheeni and milk can do! Sit back and relax. Take a deep breath and drink it off! I guarantee it works! P.S: Coffee bhi chalaygi!:D
  2. Solitary confinement: Date yourself. Try it out and you won’t regret! A bad day has arrived to think over how to cash your future! Treat yourself with an hour of shopping. Buy yourself incentives. After all, you’re a warrior in making!
  3. A quick nap: Sleep is precious! That’s why it’s called Sona and not chandi! Take a quick nap. Wake up fresh to fight your fears. Opportunities are lined up for you. Let’s catch them after slumbering!
  4. Friends? Friends! Surrounding yourself with people who can read you up is one of the best things to do. We all have friends who pop up at hard days. So pick up your phone and make a phone call! Flush out what’s bothering. Heard about Dil halka hogaya? You’ll experience it! Please remember that you’re a gem! The new sunshine would bring lots of happiness! Trust earth’s rotation and the One whose doing it!:D

By Nida Masood


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