Based on comedy and romance, Romeo Weds Heer holds the quality of utmost entertainment. This hilarious and addictive new serial by Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi is already busting the charts. The cheerful performances of all characters especially the mischiefs of Romeo and Heer pop the joys out of every heart. And we simply just can´t get enough of their cute little quarrels!

Last week we watched how Heer took her revenge by putting some pills in Romeo’s tea that upset his stomach, because Romeo spoiled her viva earlier. He uses women toilet in emergency and gets scolded by the teacher. But he rushes towards the toilet again in urgency and misses his Viva. Heer succeeds to have revenge on him. Poor Romeo! He hardly reaches home feeling weak, where his doctor parents start examining him like crazy and ask him to stop taking meals from university cafeteria. Romeo gets upset as he doesn’t want to look like a little child in front of Heer and her friends.

A mistaken snap shot of Romeo on Aflatoon’s mobile keeps the family of Heer confused yet excited. Sohni, Nazar and Aflatoon decide to meet Romeo in university to take a step forward in this matter. Romeo gets so angry by their wrong assumptions that he insults Heer in front of them. Meanwhile Heer also approaches and a catastrophe takes place in the cafeteria. Heer’s family finally understands that it was a big mistake. Romeo gets another chance to mock Heer for sending him a proposal. As usual she loses both of her slippers showing her rage towards Romeo. And as usual we fell on our stomachs laughing!

Back at Heer’s place, Nazar complains about the insult he faced at the hands of Romeo. Heer and Sohni try to calm him down by offering Gajar ka Halwa, on the sight of which he forgets all the matter. He is quite a character, isn’t he? Meanwhile, Hakeem Luqman’s good-for-nothing son Aflatoon gets the walls painted for the publicity of Dawakhana in exchange for some money. This matter would not be of much importance if it wasn’t about Dr. Shehnaz’s clinic wall. As soon as she notices her clinic wall painted, she complains at the police station and persuades Luqman to remove that; making these two rivals forever.

Romeo’s Phupo, Rollee baji visits Romeo and his family. Here comes the twist! She talks to Shehnaz about her daughter’s proposal for Romeo, Shehnaz doesn’t pay attention to her and though her gesture confuses Rollee, she still assumes it as the approval of her proposal and gets joyful. On the other side Jaidi from Dubai, comes to visit Heer’s family again and they finally approve Jaidi’s proposal for Heer. Romeo and Heer don’t even know what they are going to face further. What would be their reaction? We’re too excited to see what the next hilarious episode brings us.

By Asbah Umais


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