Amir Liaquat surely has cracked the formula for staying in the spotlight. He has been making waves ever since the news and pictures of his second marriage began circulating the web. This deed did not go down well with the general public, who criticised the infamous religious scholar for abandoning his first family. The emotive reactions of his first wife and his daughter added fuel to the fire, and Liaquat found it best to respond in a video message which did no substantial good.

Despite all the trolling, the couple is clearly in their honeymoon phase as they keep making appearances on morning shows, discussing their love life. They were recently invited to Sanam Baloch’s show, where the hostess’ stance on his marital situation sparked fire amongst the public. Seeming concerned, Baloch wanted to know why his first did not accept his second marriage, and pressed upon how the religion fully allows it. Bushra bhabhi (his first wife), with the way she looks and talks seems to have studied Islam as well. It’s not like you have committed a sin by marrying for a second time. Why hasn’t she accepted your marriage?” she inquired.

Liaquat responded by saying she did not know religion as well as she claimed to. “You answered your own question. She didn’t study Islam. Studying for religion and studying it for a degree are two entirely different things,” he declared, smiling smugly.

Moreover, she brought up the daughter’s tweet, which she found break breaking. Liaquat explained how his kids have done much worse, but he doesn’t pay heed to it. He also said how kids don’t appear on Twitter out of the blue, implying how his first wife had a hand in this. She responded with a reaffirming gesture, implying that she completely understood his point.

This part of the interview did not sit well with social media users, and they started calling them out on their deplorable behaviour and the hostess’ spiteful comments about his first family. Some called Baloch out on perpetuating sexism and misogyny by siding with Liaquat.

They elucidated how Liaquat isn’t doing the family a favour by bearing their expenses, as it’s his responsibility.

Many blamed her for defending polygamy and adultery under the veil of Islam.

They brought up Baloch’s personal life, calling her a hypocrite of the highest level.

The fans literally lost all respect they had for the hostess.

Apparently, morning shows are hitting new lows by the day.

Many felt Liaquat’s stance to be obnoxious.

However, Baloch has not responded to the hate-filled tweets yet. But it goes without saying that what could have been a civilized discussion where Liaquat should have been held accountable for his actions, turned into banter just to keep up the show’s regard for its guests.


  1. Marrying more than once isn’t a sin, everyone must not criticize who marry twice. This is Islam. But we are highly influenced by Hinduism which does not allow to marry again in the presence of first spouse.


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