If there’s something about Pakistan that should make you proud, it’s their entertainment industry. And the contribution of films has a major role to play in the success of the industry altogether. 2018 has been a wonderful year when it comes to local movies, and it looks like the filmmakers are in no mood of stopping. The near-end of the year has left us with some highly-anticipated projects, two of which are Zarrar and Laal Kabootar.

Coming across the official and unofficial teasers of both movies, which recently surfaced the web, you’ll understand that the hype is well deserved. The films are also somewhat similar, based on predominant themes revolving around action. We’ve got the lowdown on everything the teasers have to offer, and what piques the interest of the masses.


Shaan Shahid’s spy thriller has been in the works for about years now, leaving all his fans constantly on edge. However, a leaked teaser online makes it worth the wait. The film has gained massive spotlight long before its release, significantly because of its genre, outlandish shooting locations, foreign cast and crew, and a massive budget.

The teaser basically revolves around U.S Government officials deeming Pakistan a threat to the security of the masses. Shaan’s role, albeit vague, seems to be an army official and a patron of patriotism. Packed with numerous action sequences, and speedy car chases, it majorly gives off a whiff of Bollywood. It also has multiple flashback shots showing infamous terrorists. Some heavy dialogues uttered by Shaan depict how the plot is no joke, and touches some serious topics.

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Laal Kabootar

Produced by young Harvard graduate siblings, and directed by Kamal Khan, the teaser of this film will leave you intrigued to the max. Eminently lead by action as well, this fast-paced one-minute clip gives you an inside look on the underbody of Karachi. It stars Ahmed Ali Akbar and Mansha Pasha as leads, however, their connection to each other’s characters is still pretty unclear.

If you’re a fan of Sacred Games, this teaser will be a treat for you. It presents a rapid montage of all that the movie has to offer, particularly hooligans, stereotypical cops, and headstrong journalists. The music is just as upbeat, adding life to the brief clip. Glimpses of a dance sequence also imply how this film is going to please all kinds of audiences.

The Verdict

Both of teasers prove to be an enthralling ride, and are guaranteed to leave you on the edge of your seat. For most, Zarrar may not be what they’re looking for as we’ve just gotten a rough look of what the film has to offer as yet, and it’s best to wait for the official teaser to release. Laal Kabootar, on the other hand, seems like a complete package when it comes to teasers, albeit having no more than one dialogue. It’s a strong effort, considering they’re newbies to the scene.

However, it’s too soon to tell if the films will do justice to the hype that follows the teasers, but as a personal opinion, Laal Kabootar checks off all the boxes that make a thrilling first-look.


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