Parizad is a young and beautiful girl who is passionate about girl’s education. Coming from a middle class home she needs to earn money to support her family so she teaches in a school and holds classes in the afternoon for young girls in her neighbourhood.

She is romantically involved with Ali who works in the same school and they hope to marry someday.

But just when Ali is about to send a proposal to Parizad’s family, a situation arises which gives her a tough choice.

Her brother becomes the victim of a human trafficking scam and the mafia wants a large sum of money to release him. To save her family’s honour Parizad decides to marry Mansoor Sahib- a rich widower and father of two teenage girls because he is willing to give her the amount she needs.

What she does not know is that Mansoor Sahib is a strict disciplinarian who doesn’t really believe in educating girls and the environment in his home is very conservative and suffocating. And his evil nephew Arshad is a lecherous and greedy man who has an eye on Mansoor’s money – and on Parizad.

But just when Parizad has accepted her fate, Ali comes back into her life. Will Parizad sacrifice her marriage—or her love? To know this and more, watch Parizad every Tuesday at 8:00pm only on TV One.

Directed By: Shayan Iqbal

Written By: Erum Wasi & Saima Wasi

Produced By: A & F Production

Star cast: Sumbul, Faisal Rehman, Azfar Rehman

Parizad Azfar Rehman Parizad Sumbul Faisal

Character sketches


A lively happy girl who is deeply caring about the people she loves. Her focus is on girls’ education, she becomes a school teacher which also helps her to lend financial support to her family after her father’s retirement. But her real strength of character emerges after she cheerfully handles major challenges in her married life. Her mature, calm and selfless attitude helps avert every crisis that could destroy her family.


A caring and responsible young man who is the only child of his aging mother. He is madly in love with Parizad he cannot understand why she is delaying their marriage because of her family responsibilities. Although he is basically a decent person this very obsession with Parizad leads him into acting in a selfish and irresponsible manner when he is faced with the prospect of losing her.

Mansoor Sahib: Middle aged widower with 2 teenage daughters. 

Although he is well meaning, his conservative outlook and rigid thinking have created a distance between him and his daughters which compels him to seek another wife. Initially he reacts to Parizad’s outspoken attitude and modern thinking but being a fair minded person he gradually starts appreciating her sincerity and selflessness.




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