Shaan Shahid is undoubtedly one of the biggest names of Pakistani cinema or say Lollywood. The 48 years old actor has done more than 450 films since 1990 and won a number of awards. His latest release, Arth – the Destination, is currently running in cinemas.

While promoting his latest flick on One Take, the actor shared that ARY was the one thing which Jawani Phir Nahi Ani lead Humayun Saeed had over him. Answering another question during the same interview, he also suggested that ARY should spread ARY Films in Lahore.

Shaan Shahid, who is popularly known as Shaan, told that it was sad to hear people talking possibilities of renaming Pakistani cinema from Lollywood to Kollywood. “While you were doing dramas and making money, we were making films at that time and we named it Lollywood and its history,” he told. “Rather than doing a teritorial thing, we need to come up with Pakistani flavor, let’s call it Pollywood,” he suggested.

“We have been watering this tree since 1992. Now, you cannot dictate us what we should do or what we should not. Let’s get together, we are fruits of same tree. We have to be eaten by one nation,” he continued.

Reportedly, Arth 2 earlier had Humayun Saeed with Shaan Shahid but the former was replaced by Mohib Mirza.



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