Chupan Chupai Review: The reviving cinema of Pakistan has been behaving just as the national cricket team, at least in the month of December. It is one minute down, next minute up! With very less expectations initially, Chupan Chupai, the last release of year 2017, proves to be a total ‘paisa wasool‘ film.

Starring Ahsan Khan and the debutant Neelam Muneer Khan in leading roles, Chupan Chupai is a comedy-thriller directed by Mohsin Ali and written by Zeeshan Haider. Faizan Khawaja, NAPA graduates Ali Rizvi, Vajdaan Shah, Zayed Razzaque and Adnan Jaffar also play prominent roles along with veterans including Talat Hussain, Javed Sheikh, Sakina Samo and Rehan Sheikh.

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Chupan Chupai is Ahsan Khan’s comeback or say first movie of new cinema and he proves why he is one of the most trustable actors in the industry. He may not win best actor award next year but cements his nominations for sure. Similarly, Neelam Muneer serves the purpose of her presence too. In a recent interview, Lollywood great Shaan Shahid has called her hot and after watching her movie last night, we totally endorse Arth 2 lead.

The other members of the gang, Ali Rizvi, Vajdaan Shah and Zayed Razzaque make NAPA proud. Specifically Rizvi, who now should be at the top of the list of filmmakers for comic roles. Faizan Khawaja, who plays son of a minister, is a surprising package and throughout the film, we were wondering why he was not part of promotions.

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To his credit, director Mohsin Ali has done a fine job and proved that qualification does make a difference. Other directors, especially the young and newcomers, should take a lesson.

Obviously, there are flaws, but after dealing with much disappointment from films released recently, we kept our expectations down from this one and it surprisingly lifted the graph up!

Rating: 3.5/5


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