The success of Pakistan Super League season two finale in Lahore, Pakistan has surely increased the confidence of international sports players to travel to the country. Just after the finale, International Cricket Council (ICC) announced that it was planning to send World XI to Pakistan for a four matches T20 series. And now, the Pro Wrestling Entertainment (PWE) has announced to bring 25 international wrestlers to Pakistan.

Yesterday, the organization held a press conference in Karachi where four international wrestlers including Tiny Iron, Yacine Omen, Flash Gordon and Pakistan’s own Badshah Khan were also present.

‘Media misleading everybody about this place, it is totally wrong. Pakistan is the most beautiful place on this planet,” told Tiny Iron. “You have welcomed me with open arms, I feel like a part of your family already,” he added.

Answering a question of a journalist, Badshah Khan told that pro wrestling is never scripted and whatever the audience see in the ring is totally truth. “Whoever is powerful, will win the game. Nothing is scripted and if you have doubts, you can come to the ring,” he lashed out. “No, thank you, may be next time,” replied the journalist with smile on his face.

PWE is the first ever Pakistan based company with the aim to promote wrestling and other modern sports in country. They have announced a series of grand wrestling shows in collaboration with Nominated Marketing Network of United Kingdom. The shows will have continuation of pre and post launch and event promotions which will require a frequent in and out of the international wrestlers from March 2017 to November 2017 in Pakistan.

“25 renowned wrestlers from 18 countries have committed to participate in this huge event on Pakistan’s soil in the cities of Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi and Peshawar. A large number of audiences are also expected from the various countries of the world, particularly from the countries of wrestlers participating in the event,” claimed the official press release.

“Tiny Iron, Badshah Pehalwan Khan, Yacine Omen, and Flash Gordon have shown their presence in the pre-launching ceremony at Karachi. PWE will be featuring all of your favorite wrestlers & guest stars such as Wade Barrette, Chris Master, Matt Striker and other renowned wrestlers in the final fight in May, 2017,” it added.


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