‘The Glassworker’ is a hand-drawn animated film written and directed by Usman Riaz. It is also Pakistan’s first fully hand drawn animated film. Animation is a medium which has not been explored in our country the way it has been explored around the world but that is about to change.

Usman invites us to see his vision come to life with his team of animators, artists, and musicians of his newly formed ‘Mano Animation Studios’. Pakistan has no hand drawn animation industry. But with this film and studio, the team at Mano hope to lay the foundation for artists to come and work on beautiful works of art that they can be proud of. Mano Animation Studios means that the country can support new work, and provide opportunities to support a new generation of exceptional artists in Pakistan, and beyond.

The event will be held at the Arts Council, Karachi on 29th of May, 2016. Usman will talk about his TED and Kickstarter experiences along with the tremendous success the team has had with ‘The Glassworker’.

Let’s hope Usman Riaz takes this to next level and lays the foundation for animated storytelling in Pakistan.

Usman Riaz The Glassworker


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