The world of shoe fashion has become more versatile lately, it is important to wear some sort of classy new pair of shoe every day, unless you stay at home all the time. Well, every day? It is not easy to find different pair of new shoes every day for roaming around. Recently, the wide range of Ndure collection by servis has served the purpose and made it extremely easy for me.

Ndure offers the stage for new generation to meet all their desires at one place. It does not only offer casual and sportswear but also the formal wears to cater the young generation, and men at large. The brand product line focuses on urban lifestyle, including styling range from basic to fashion.

Brand offers amazing range of sneakers, loafers, derby, and sport wears. Sole of the shoes are extremely soft respectively, depending on the category. In case of sportswear, sole is extremely durable and soft to keep the feet moving throughout. Likewise, the rule of thumb is well served, there ½ inch of gap between the front of big toe and the end of shoe in all the product line.

On the other hand, midsole of the Ndure is synthetically made that provides bulk of cushioning as well as surrounded with capsules of compressed air that keeps the temperature low inside. However, the outsole is synthetically made up of carbon rubber, which is blown rubber but of a softer type that does not only meeting the urban styling texture but also making it easier to move, walk, and running like floating in the clouds. Consequently, Ndure offers articles with wide range of colors from black to brown, including Navy, Burgundy, Blue, and Tan.

“A shoe is not only a design, but it’s a part of your body language, the way you walk. The way you’re going to move is quite dictated by your shoes” – Christian Louboutin.


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