Pakistan’s iconic couturier HSY marks his 24 years of fashion with a first of its kind solo show experience in his home city of Lahore on the 21st of April; introducing Mohabbat Nama, HSY Couture.

“Mohabbat Nama or love letter is my tribute to my city with its legacy, tradition and heritage presented as an entire show ‘experience’.  We are gearing up to set the scene for an evening steeped in the romance of Lahore, hosted in a haveli over 250 years old and favoured by the fifth King of Oudh. Based in the walled city of Lahore, the haveli is immersed in its own history of the Nawab’s courts, its romance, intrigues, poetry, dance, architecture and ambition, all of which present the perfect palatte for this collection. Every element of the show has been curated: each look, each outfit, each model, each walk, each sound, light, projection; the culinary experience; the music experience. 

Mohabbat Nama is then also equally a journey of my evolution as I am myself a Musafir of time; It is a show where I look to my past and the HSY legacy; where we started with our first collections, solo shows, shoots, models, make-up artists, stylists, incorporating all of these elements within the show. Each outfit in this show has been created bespoke, for each model and personality in the show; creating harmony between the fashion and the person who wears it; for at HSY a model is not simply someone who wears what is put on them but rather an architect of her own style and elegance.” said Hassan Sheheryar Yasin.

Mohabat Nama is an HSY couture collection with all motifs and accessories made in Pakistan by Team HSY.


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