‘Thanks to critics for free publicity of MTJ Brand’ Maulana Tariq Jamil


Well-known religious scholar Maulana Tariq Jamil said people propagated against his newly launched clothing brand ‘MTJ’ but it automatically worked as free marketing for them.

Speaking to UrduPoint, Jamil said people tried to defame his brand but Allah knew their intentions and he took them out of the situation.

“People tried to defame us with false allegations. They linked things with us which we never did. But, Allah helped us a lot as this brand was launched for a good cause,” he said.

“All the criticism and allegations, which were baseless, did our promotion free of cost. So, I want to thank them all for doing this as it saved our money to market our brand,” he bantered.

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The religious scholar once again explained the reason behind launching his own clothing brand. “I have said this now for many times that this brand was launched to make a source of income to run our madrassas. I always wanted to avoid zakat to run madrassas but we didn’t have any other source,

“Last year, I decided to not take zakat for madrassas but then there was a need for any other source of income. So, with the consultation of my companions, we decided to open a clothing brand,” he shared.

It must be noted here that Maulana came under immense criticism on social media after a quarter alleged MTJ of selling expensive items including ‘Izarband (Drawstring)’ costing Rs 500/- each.

Later on, the MTJ’s management revealed that Drawstring wasn’t on their sale list from the very start and other rates vary from product to product.


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