After a 13-year long hiatus, Junoon is back with a brand-new video for their popular song “Khudi”, thanks to the efforts of Peek Freans Sooper. Despite the length of time spent away from the Pakistani music scene, it seems that the band has still got it. With the aim of celebrating the true spirit of independence, Junoon has once again allowed their fan to reconnect with the feeling of love and passion for one’s country through the power of their music.

The new and improved video for “Khudi” brims with passion and enthusiasm. Ali Azmat’s powerful vocals combined with Brian’s strong base and Salman’s soul-stirring acoustics make for an inspiring piece of music. In fact, 2018’s “Khudi” can be considered a reincarnated version of the original Junoon, that too into something that is in line with the aspirations of today’s youth. To further connect with the young Pakistanis of today, Peek Freans Sooper has utilized the message behind “Khudi” to remind ourselves of what we are capable of. For this purpose, it is necessary to put aside all of our differences and come together as one nation, for it is only then that we shall be considered as a force to be reckoned with.

Posted by Peek Freans Sooper on Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Using the sentiment of passion and patriotism as a catalyst for its message to its viewers, the video for “Khudi” showcases some of the finest talents our country has ever seen, including Laraib Atta (Pakistan’s youngest visual effects artist), Ronak Lakhani (a well-known philanthropist) and Fakhar Zaman (Pakistan’s first ever batsman to score a double century).

The immense furor created over “Khudi” has actually set the tone for what Sooper and Junoon has planned for the future. We have high expectations from the brand and band and anxiously await their next official collaboration together. For now, let us dance to the beats of Khudi!


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