The recent interview on the Freebird Music Entertainment YouTube channel has stirred up a storm online. Goher Mumtaz, the talented musician and former member of Jal, opened up about the band’s tough journey, especially after Farhan Saeed’s departure.

Reflecting on Jal’s ups and downs, Goher admitted they faced many breakups. But things got interesting when they talked about Farhan. Goher said Farhan wasn’t really needed when he joined the band after Atif Aslam left. But Goher saw potential in him and worked hard to make him fit in.

Their paths crossed when Goher was mixing a song with Xulfi. Farhan, who was studying at Xulfi’s university, got introduced to Goher. But initially, Farhan struggled a bit on stage, only performing Aadat. Goher helped him gain confidence by making new songs and encouraging him to sing old ones. Sajni became Farhan’s breakout song.

However, things took a turn when Farhan wanted to follow Atif’s solo career path. Goher tried to convince him that Jal was his best platform, but Farhan had his mind set. It hurt Goher deeply to lose someone he’d invested so much time and effort in.

Goher’s honest talk gives fans a peek behind Jal’s curtain, showing the ups and downs of the music biz in Pakistan. It’s a story of struggle and success, with Goher and Farhan at its heart.

Watch the interview below:


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