Pakistani music sensation Aima Baig recently made headlines with her candid revelations about emerging vocalist Nehaal Naseem during an appearance on Ahmed Ali Butt’s program ‘Excuse Me’. In a conversation with the host, Aima Baig didn’t mince her words, asserting that Nehaal Naseem had essentially mirrored her style and persona entirely.

Aima Baig, known for hits like ‘Malang’, didn’t hold back in praising Nehaal Naseem’s talent, recalling her early days and acknowledging that Nehaal sounded remarkably similar to her. Despite this acknowledgment, Baig made it clear that she felt proud to have inspired someone to such an extent that they emulated her completely.

“When I see Nehaal, I feel a sense of pride,” Baig expressed on the show. “I remember her beginnings, and she sounded precisely like me. If I were to highlight one of my proudest moments, it would be this because she essentially, completely copied me in every aspect.”

Despite the undeniable resemblance in style and sound, Aima Baig refrained from viewing Nehaal Naseem’s emulation as a negative, instead considering it an accomplishment. “For me, it’s an accomplishment that I’ve inspired someone to the extent that they replicated me,” Baig remarked, highlighting her perspective on the matter.

The discussion didn’t end there, as Aima Baig also mentioned that Nehaal Naseem had imitated her in terms of appearance as well, indicating that the emulation extended beyond just musical style.

Nehaal Naseem, at just 18 years old, has been gaining widespread acclaim for her viral song ‘Sadqay’, which she collaborated on with the Wajahat brothers, Aashir and Nayel. The song’s success has further fueled discussions about Naseem’s rising prominence in the Pakistani music scene.

Watch the clip below:


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