Aagha Ali hits back at Ali Gul Pir on ‘Body Shaming’ comment


Aagha Ali asked Ali Gul Pir to understand the actual context of ‘Body-Shaming’ and avoid seeking unnecessary attention on social media.

Taking to Instagram, Aagha hit back at Ali who called him a ‘Fat-Shaming Idiot’ following a viral video in which Hina Altaf disclosed that his husband asked her to not gain weight after marriage.

“Do you really know, what body-shaming is?” Aagha asked. “If a mother tells her son not to gain unnecessary weight, if a brother tells his brother or a husband advising his wife not to gain unnecessary weight, it’s not body shaming,” he went onto explain.

Aagha also highlighted why he asked Hina to not gain unnecessary weight. “She is an actress and needs to look fit. No producer, director or writer would like to have an overweight heroine, that’s why I asked her to maintain herself and some people portrayed it wrongly just to seek attention,” he added.

It must be noted here that a video went viral on social media in which Aagha and Hina appeared in ARY Digital’s Good Morning Pakistan. During the show, Hania disclosed that Aagha asked her to not gain weight after marriage.

Ali mimicked the viral video and highlighted body-shaming issue in it and got immense attention on social media.



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