‘Our concepts usually clash’ Shahzad on working with his father


Shahzad Sheikh said he and his father Javed Sheikh are planning out to work together but it will take time to match their concepts.

Shahzad and her sister Momal Sheikh appeared in Time out with Ahsan Khan where they had a candid talk with the host.

Meanwhile, Ahsan inquired Shahzad about working with his father and legendary Pakistani actor in near future. To which, Shahzad hinted of a possible collaboration.

“On days like these, during the coronavirus lockdown, we got to spend time at home and talk about scripts, with one of them being our directorial plan too,” he shared.

“So, here’s the thing; it takes time for me to get comfortable around my father’s ideas and plans because our concepts usually clash.

“If there were to be a project, I will play my part as an actor whereas he (Javed) will be directing it,” he added.

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