Ahad Raza Mir thinks ‘Nepotism’ tag is only for actors


Ahad Raza Mir openly addressed nepotism allegations against him and said he has made his name in Pakistani Showbiz due to his work.

Speaking to a YouTube show named ‘AB Talks’, Mir said people think he got work in Pakistan due to his father Asif Raza Mir but nobody talks about his acting career in Canada where he spent his college life.

“People will always criticize that I am an actor because my father was an actor. But no, I never knew he was and I went to university, studied, worked professionally in Canada for many years and I think I was just fortunate when I came to Pakistan,” he said.

“My career in Pakistan is totally based on my good work and not due to I am a star kid. I think everyone reminds a child of an actor of nepotism otherwise there are doctors whose kids are doctors, there are generations in the army and generations in politics,” he added.

It must be noted here that Mir featured in recent Pakistani drama hits such Yeh Dil Mera and Ehd-e-Wafa. He also was a part of the Pakistani film Parwaaz Hai Junoon which was made under the banner of the Pakistan Air Force.

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