‘Social media following isn’t everything’ Vasay schooled youngsters


Vasay Chaudhry believes youngsters today are being misled with even a little following on their social media accounts.

Speaking to Rafay Rashdi on his YouTube channel, Vasay said youngsters need to know about the real struggle for getting into the Showbiz. “With even a little ‘hit’ on Instagram, our youngsters today think ‘I am the thing’ but you aren’t ‘the thing.’ That’s the problem,” he highlighted.

“You need to go out there. You will have to be pushed around in theatre. You will have to show grit on the sets. You will have to face all these things,” he suggested.

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Meanwhile, Vasay also underlined the importance of education for being successful in the entertainment industry. “I would like to share a few things with those who want to come in Showbiz. Firstly, those who are studying and those that can afford an education should first complete it. After that, they can think about this field. This (not completing one’s education) I feel is the biggest tragedy with regards to the line of work I am in,” he concluded.


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