In an exclusive interview with Geo News, former Pakistan all-rounder and team director Mohammad Hafeez discussed the performance of Pakistan cricket team captain, Babar Azam. Hafeez acknowledged Babar’s immense talent and potential but highlighted the importance of adapting to the demands of modern-day cricket.

Hafeez emphasized that Babar is a fantastic player and is capable of significant improvements in his game. He noted that the perception that Babar must carry the entire team on his shoulders is incorrect, suggesting that the responsibility should be shared among other players. Despite this, Hafeez believes that Babar can enhance his skills to better align with the contemporary style of cricket.

“Babar is learning quickly and has understood areas of improvement,” Hafeez remarked. He mentioned Babar’s recent performance in the Pakistan Super League (PSL) as a positive sign, highlighting the captain’s intent and determination during the tournament.

One of the critical points Hafeez addressed was the comparison often made between Babar Azam and India’s star player, Virat Kohli. Hafeez firmly disagreed with this comparison, stating, “There is simply no comparison between these players. Kohli has given great services and performances for India, whereas Babar is doing well.” He noted that while both players are exceptional in their own right, they are at different stages in their careers, with Kohli having a more established record over a longer period.


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