As Pakistan’s one of the most recognized high street fashion brands, Breakout strive to deliver fashion, excitement, newness and value. Breakout has just launched it’s Biggest store in Pakistan on the lines of a new concept ‘Breakout BACKSTAGE’ at Packages Mall, Lahore. The concept of the store has been developed by a Spanish retail design firm.

Their design brief to the Spanish design firm was simple – create a store experience, inspired by the youth; the music they love, the hobbies they take up and the free spirited adventures.

The Interior of the new ‘Breakout’ store will take customers on a walk through to a journey inspired by backstage of a concert hall where they will experience exposed walls and ceilings, paired with exposed pillars, stained concrete floors, dramatic colors, props, music and lots of visual treats.

Breakout Backstage Packages Mall Lahore

Technology will also play a vital part in Breakout’s new concept stores. With digital screens installed at the new store, the customers shall be able to interact with them. They have used dramatic and fully flexible energy efficient industrial lighting fixtures on trussing to add to the stores concert hall backstage inspired feel. The fitting rooms are designed to feel like the ultimate dressing room of a performer at the backstage. Throughout the store, inspiration tables showcase the latest “key looks” and what’s hot right now. Garment rails that look like they have been rolled out from the changing room of a backstage, making customer feel being part of a backstage experience.

The new store design delivers a confident, engaging and relevant experience, demonstrating Breakout’s commitment to providing fast fashion at great value and creating a better platform for a continued conversation with its customers.


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