‘Our industry is hypocrite’ opines Yasir Hussain


Yasir Hussain shared that his fellow artists often call him and praise his stance on certain issues that become controversial.

Speaking to BBC Urdu, Hussain said he doesn’t fear speaking the truth, be it on social media or tv programs. “I don’t fear speaking the truth on social media or tv. That’s why people criticize me but I can’t hold myself telling the right thing,” he said.

“Our industry is a hypocrite. I often get calls from fellow artists and they praise me for speaking up on certain issues. I think they have the same thing to say but they fear controversies and I don’t. If I am wrong, then why people call me and tell me I did this and that right,” he mentioned.

Yasir suggested his haters to unfollow him if they don’t like his opinion. “It is simple, if you hate me then you have an unfollow button, press it. Don’t follow my social media if you don’t want to see what I am doing,” he said.

“I can’t understand, people ask questions, channels run those things, social media pages take that as content but criticism is only for me. Don’t follow me if you have any problem,” Hussain concluded.

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